We, at PlayVenture, are overly excited to announce that our innovative product, Live Plus, and our team, have been announced this year’s Pitch ICE Winners! It is a significant fact for us, and the first recognition of all our hard work and effort.

We all knew that we had a great product to work with and we are more than thrilled to see that the rest of the gaming world seems to share our feelings. We have spent hours of designing, developing, changing the features over and over again, to get the product where it is today. We have spent hours of “bettling” (= betting + battling) with each other to test the product, and endless meetings to discuss how to make Live Plus a profitable product.

All these have started paying off today, as such a recognition is very important for us. So, we have to thank everyone who believed in Live Plus and voted for it, as well as GamCrowd and Clarion Events who gave us this opportunity.

The recognition and congratulations deserve to be given to the whole PlayVenture team, for all their hard work in order to get Live Plus where it is today. Stay tuned, as bigger things from PlayVenture are yet to come…! Check out GamCrowd’s press release on Pitch ICE!

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