PlayVenture’s brand new video

Watch PlayVenture’s brand new corporate video presentation, showcasing its innovative in-house software products, covering all aspects of gaming, both online and offline, with a brand new products portfolio, more specifically:

-The innovative Live Plus, a multi-awarded online solution offering operators a powerful tool for acquisition, retention and engagement, enhancing their sports book offering and providing them cost-effective solution regarding marketing expenses, as well as offering a social gaming aspect.

-Virtual Sport, PlayVenture’s revolutionary Virtual Football, offers Realistic Environment, along with an Innovative Game Play with detail in players appearance, movements, crowd and motion graphics, as well as a Rich Variety of Highlights and High quality HD experience, an ideal solution for SME operators with a revolutionary in shop-rendering, that does not require extra hardware that makes betting shop operation easier than ever.

-With Virtual greyhound’s and horse racing coming up later this year to enhance further the existing games portfolio.

-Finally a rich variety of RNG games such as KENO, Roulette, Bet Wheel all with a Quinel Certified RNG ideal to maximize operator revenues, a low-cost solution with an effective set-up, offering a turnkey solution to the retail market.

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