PlayVenture is thrilled to announce that Live Plus, our innovative live betting product, has won the Pitch ICE 2016! The whole PlayVenture team has worked really hard on Live Plus, taking the innovative idea of our CEO, Theodoros Theodosopoulos, and turning it into reality.

Live Plus, a player vs player platform, seems to have attracted the interest of ICE attendees and gaming professionals by the fact that for the first time the players compete against each other on live sport events in the form of tournaments, by placing bets on real outcomes in order to finish first on a real-time leaderboard, giving it the Pitch ICE  1st place award.

Theodoros Theodosopoulos, PlayVenture’s CEO, commented on the win: “We cannot express our excitement for the win and our appreciation for everyone who voted for us. Live Plus is a product that the whole team has put their lives in it, and I believe that shows on the outcome. We feel the obligation to meet the expectations of the people that voted for us, and to convince the ones that didn’t, by constantly improving Live Plus. PlayVenture will keep working hard in order to establish Live Plus in the gaming market, making it a necessary innovative component for every gaming operator.”

The competition was tough this year, and the standards really high, so everyone in the team feels very proud to have achieved this win. PlayVenture would like to thank GamCrowd and Clarion Events for giving this opportunity, and making the win of Live Plus possible.

Live Plus’ future is just beginning, as it has made its first step to success, and with hard work and concentration to the target, there are more awards yet to come.

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