Play against other players in a live betting battle and win big prizes!

Your all-in-one multipurpose tool.


Ideal for social acquisition, while low bonus cost and big prize pools makes it equally attractive for all potential customer groups.


Producing a genuine, enjoyable experience aimed to offer a novel sense of competition to the players.

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Bringing a new, added value to the player that is designed to stimulate players back to the game.

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Online Gaming Market Problems

The betting market has reached its limits when it comes to betting software and live betting fixed odds, pushing companies to look for new ideas in order to offer an innovative and unique experience.

  • Low % GGR
  • High Acquisition Volume
  • Big Turnovers
  • Increased Bonus Cost
  • Increased Marketing Cost


Live Plus features elements of all major online games, along with high social acquisition, low bonus cost and big prize pools, which makes it attractive for all potential customer groups. The objective of Live Plus is betting on real outcomes of a live event and predict better than your competitors trying to finish first on the leaderboard.

  • Increase Turnover by creating new revenue streams
  • Improve gaming experience
  • Increase GGR by decreasing payouts
  • Increase Engagement
  • Reduce Churn


Offer a seamless integration experience for your brand without any pop-ups or new windows; just Incorporate your logo and colours to all aspects of the game, including in-game assets, betting panels, cashier software and backoffice.


Play Venture offers a full service support for Live Plus to ensure you get the most of our innovative betting software.

  • Platform content coordination
  • League and tournament creation
  • Guaranteed prize pools
  • Technical support 2nd line customer support
  • Full report and live balance check

Back Office

With Live Plus Backoffice you have total control of the platform and full access to all information anytime you need. The potentials are limitless, making sure that you get the most of Live Plus.

  • State of the art business intelligence tool
  • View and create events and tournaments
  • Create, manage and customize all betting markets
  • Access to player’s details, betting history and data
  • Customize the page banners and promo material