Stavros has an extended professional experience working in the IT industry and leading teams, for over 17 years. He has managed more than 50 software development, enterprise systems integrations and IT infrastructure projects. He is experienced with public sector / government projects, finance / banking and life sciences, covering requirements analysis, consulting and IT program management.  Some of his key competencies include Agile coaching and software product management. His IT experience extends from ERP, CRM, business intelligence and e-banking implementations, to large scale system integration projects.

Stavros is distinguished by his patience and commitment towards the goal, the seriousness in which he confronts everything, his persistence in finding the best solution possible and his passion about anything that has to do with technology. He always takes on a challenge with a smile.

In Playventure he is the crucial link between IT / Development and the management teams and the one that makes sure that there is transparency and understanding from both sides. He ensures the development process runs smoothly, goals are met, projects are delivered on time and aids in the team’s advancement; when not at the office, Stavros enjoys cycling in the mountains with the top being his limit.

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