A revolutionary in-shop rendering solution
that makes betting shop operation easier and more cost effective than ever.

Cost Effective

With a low cost and highly effective setup, a TV monitor, a PC and a POS system is all you need for our solutions

Top Profit Games

A selection of top-profit RNG and Virtual Reality Games to maximize revenues for the operator

White Label

Our low cost and time saving, fully integrated white label solution that simplifies branding and customization.


Play Venture’s back office system will help you keep your business organized, offering full access of data from your headquarters and on-demand reports and analytics.

You can manage and handle all your products, set up and configure user roles and remotely control each individual unit in one or many shops.

Additional tools you can take advantage of:
  • Market margins creation
  • Setting up schedules for each independent or group of units
  • Setting up security clearance configurations
  • Organizing your business
  • Market Limit Settings
  • Bet Limit Settings
  • User Management


All of our products have a very low cost and highly effective setup: they only require a TV monitor, a PC and a POS system. Our POS system contains everything you need to display our games across multiple channels, while it includes a next generation processor and maximizes the performance of our HD games.

  • Low cost setup
  • Display across multiple channels
  • Split screen functions
  • Maximized HD performance
  • Ticket Functionality

Our product portfolio is built with the latest technologies and is constantly being updated. Our software undergoes thorough tests, in order to maintain and increase its quality, functions and reliability. Our services aren’t limited to just providing you the product, but we always remain by your side, offering full support anytime you need it.

In Shop Render